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Teaching with kindness and compassion


Houston Kidz Academy was founded in 2008 and since then we have been dedicated to providing quality care. We are a small owned family operated business. Family is most important so we treat everyone with kindness because we know you are allowing us to care for your child. Over the years we have poured so much love and hard work towards improving our center in all aspects: coaching, education, and programs. 


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Our Mission & Philosophy

Houston Kidz Academy is committed to our children by giving them the best educational experience and quality care possible. We focus on the needs of our children and make sure that they have a healthy and safe learning environment. Our vision is to awaken in children the desire and passion for learning, while allowing them to explore and discover using their senses and inquisitive thinking. They are our future, and we must help them strive towards greatness, as they are our future leaders and forward thinkers.

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